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« Cuban Soul »

Cuba is a country rich in culture and beauty that often caught the eye of the photographers and the attention of the camera lens.

A very well photographed country, the beauty and mystery of Cuba can be seen in many fantastic images. Although these images all encompass the same vast country,  they are very diverse:  some are “clichés” meanwhile others like those of Walker Evans and his time are real masterpieces that remain totally faithful to Cuba !

When a photographer feels that he ” should return somewhere”, it means that he knows that in order to truly capture the image he must fully immerse himself in the soul of the country over and over again, as if drawn by magic. It is a need stronger than the photographer himself, and that is why Xavier Roy returned to Cuba more than a dozen times !

And finally the pictures appear on the contact sheets, many faces, as Xavier loves people. He enjoys smiling and talking to them… and eventually he takes their portrait. And so he did for this old man with his mustache and sweet smile or this grandfather and his child, bare-chested under his straw hat….The Cuban sun is so strong ! Not to forget this man behind his window in company of his dog, snout through the bars, and this young woman with curlers and a conniving smile. And many more !

In fact all this portraits takes us deep into the real Cuba : we can feel the climate, see the architecture, the time passing by and a lot more. When we travel, we not only cross borders and change country, but the tastes, the smells and all the rest changes as well …

Bernard Plossu

Publisher : Flammarion
Publication : 2/11/2004

All our children

I did not photograph children by choice. They caught the attention of my camera themselves….

Invariably through my travels, my lens focuses on children; serious or smiling they are always spontaneous unpredictable, moving.

And that is what  always touches and surprises me about all the children from around the globe is the incredible ease they have to laugh and amuse themselves. They enjoy every action and moment to its fullest… a notion that only their natural lack of concern can bring

Xavier Roy

Publisher : earBooks / edel Classic
Publication : 2006

With grace…

Galerie Orem

18, rue de Poitou 75003

from the 16th to 23rd december 2015

Le goût de la mer

Le Lavoir Charles Vasserot
83990 Saint Tropez
1, rue Joseph Quaranta
du 14 juin 2014 au 26 juin 2014

“From cityscape to landscape”

Gallery ” La Chambre Claire”

14 Saint-Sulpice Street 75006 Paris

From the 4th of december 2013 to the 5th of january 2014

26 photos exhibited


Selected by the “2nd Festival Photo in Saint Germain des Près”

Gallery 54, Paris

from the 5th of november to the 8th of december 2012

44 photos exhibited

Louis Vuitton’s “Cabinet of Curiosity”

Unique presentation December 13, 2010 works of art belonging to the “Cabinet of Curiosity” library Vuitton on the Champs Elysees in Paris during a private party (works by 37 artists, including Jacques Henri Lartigue, Stéphane Couturier, Steven Curry Mac Gilbert and George etc .. and three 40×50 prints excerpts from my book “The Other Saint-Tropez” published in Images Manœuvres).



Gallery “de l’Europe”, 55 rue de Seine 75006 Paris

from 6th décember to 3rd January 2011

with sculptor Marie Virginie Dru

Le “Goût de la mer”

Galerie Kartner, Passage Dauphine 75006 Paris.

Selected by the “First festival Photo Saint-Germain des Prés”

from 3rd to 30th november 2011.

Viva o’Brasil

Under the projec t « OUI, Brasil”
MuBE (Museu Brasileiro da Escultura)
Organized during the « Year of France in Brazil »

Viva o’ Brasil

30 photographs  Xavier Roy shot during his stays in Brazil.

Exhibited from september 2008 to June 2009 in FNAC Galleries all over the brazien country within the “Year of France in Brazil”.

02/09/2008 – 29/09/2008 São Paulo – Morumbi
06/10/2008 – 03/11/2008 Curitiba
10/11/2008 – 08/12/2008 Brasilia
15/12/2008 – 12/01/2009 Campinas
19/01/2009 – 19/02/2009 São Paulo – Paulista (Opening the 29th of january in présence of the artiste)
16/02/2009 – 23/04/2009 Porto Alegre
30/03/2009 – 27/04/2009 São Paulo – Pinheiros
04/05/2009 – 08/06/2009 Rio de Janeiro


From Brazil to Madagascar, Xavier Roy has captured precious moments of life. Through the eyes and attitudes of the people he photographed, we can appreciate his feeling for those who cross his path.

« Xavier Roy loves people, talks to them, meets them, smiles to them and then eventually takes their portraits… » said about him  the photographer Bernard Plossu.

When he met Marie Virginie Dru, who sculpts women and children from Africa and elsewhere, the desire to pool their talent  was obvious. Marie Virginie, once herself a photographer before discovering sculpture, was seduced by Xaviers’s photos with the strong impression of having already met some of his subjects and recognize them….

When Xavier asks her to give a third dimension of his photos the substitution begins…

This exhibition is like a diversion, a link between their two eyes that focus on faces and silhouettes. A common desire to show the people represented on the photos and the sculptures are being presented simultaneously.

Photographs Xavier Roy
Sculptures Marie-Virginie Dru

16 to 29th of july 2008
Ambassade du Tourisme
Place de la Garonne
Saint Tropez

En Egypte

Exhibition in Gallery Forêt Verte (Official selection ot « The Month of Photography in Paris).


Exhibition in “UGGC” Cultural space, Paris.


Exhibition in “Palais des Festivals ” – Cannes.

L’Eau ; La Vie

Exhibition in” Ambassade of Tourisme” and “Nathalie Duchayne Gallery”
Saint Tropez.

Cuban soul

Exhibition in ” Chambre Claire Gallery”, Paris.

Cuban soul

Exhibition in “Maison de l’Amérique Latine” – Paris


Exhibition in Broom Street Gallery – New York with the painter Marion Lesage

Exposition collective

Exhibition in « Banville Cultural Space » in Paris with Armelle Chatriot sculptor


Exhibition of 80 photographs in Bordeaux during the Festival « Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs ».


Exhibition in » Galerie du Château de Suffren » ina Saint Tropez.