Saint Tropez

Apart from the spiteful word of jettsetter, hords of tourists, evening full of stars and sequins and billionaire yatchs there is « Another Saint-Tropez »…

Foir those who live here, it is an undiscovered and valued Saint-Tropez. It is one of this places which give the impression of disappearing under the summer triviality…

However, once the season ends, the city returns to daily life and nature continues its course.
Dont be mistaken Saint-Tropez is a genuine village. Its has his bell tower which slowly ticks down the hours. It has his elderly who warm themselves undere the sun while sitting on the «liar’s bench ».

It has the children who shout throuhg the playground. In addition it has his market which overflows with the colors of the flowersand vegetables, and where its famous peackoks roam freely and lazily displaying their magnificent finery.

It is an incredible city with surprise waiting at each turn of the road. A city where the harbour finaly emerges and opens to its beautiful houses of colours.

Saint-Tropez is a city where the beaches become wild again and dress themselves up with seaweed and floatting wood. It is a place where inhabitans have known how to preserve authenticity and deep repects of their roots and traditions. Friends and smiles fill its streets due to the city that keeps its charm and secrets because of the people who inhabit it.

This is the Saint-Tropez I love. The one iI want to share and to make you all to discover. »